OZTEKNIK A.S. focus and produce 3 major product groups suitable for 7 sisters European and Russian type heavy duty commercial vehicles.

Suspension and Steering parts, EGEROT is registered trade mark for the product group. Hydraulic Cabin Tilting Equipments, HYDCAB is registered trade mark for the product group. Clutches, REVOL is registered trade mark for the product group.


Suspension & Steering Parts

EGEROT products are the highest risk ranking products on vehicles in terms of failure and causing fatal accidents. Products are designed and developed by senior engineers by 100% following vehicle manufacturer’s material and operational requirement. Developed products are validated on static and dynamic test benches beside the life vehicle tests before offering to our customers.

Hydraulic Equipments

Hydraulic cabin lifting and locking systems for HYDCAB trucks and haulers are manufactured. This system consists of cabin lifting pump, cabin lifting cylinder and cabin lock.

Latest heavy duty commercial vehicle's clutch which was developed to full-fill your expectations of an clutch more than ever

OZTEKNIK has integrated and self sufficient production facility to produce major components in house such as; Steel Pressed Housing, Diaphragm Springs, Pressure plates, Torsion Damper Plates, Main Plates, Hubs, Bearing carrier etc... by forging, pressing, CNC machining, Heat treatment, Surface treatment.Assembly lines equipped with the performance test machines like Clutch cover Performance test machine, Clutch disc free movement and cushion deflection test machine, Disc Torque test machine and Balancing machine. All assembled products are final and performance controlled 100% before packing.

Taşsan A.Ş. joined Özteknik A.Ş. in 2010.

Taşsan A.Ş serves with hot forging method to various sectors including automotive spare parts business, according to customer expectations within range of 0,2kg to 15kgs, from titanium, aluminium, stainless steel and other metal materials.